About Us

WWW.WORDONA.COM is a online Slang Dictionary which defines newly found words with depth meanings with the help of related media. We pick out tons of words and and put them in well framed manner so that Readers can get a easy to understand reading experience. We focus mostly on those words which is not defined or explained well. Majority of slang words comes from trending hashtags(#), news, games and newly released songs. As any of word comes on the desk our team research that word with all the surrounding history and related content then we put them all together into one post in a waterfall manner so the reader could get also word’s related additional know too.

We also offer our Readers a opportunity to make our data stronger and broad by Submitting their own known words; which will help us and our readers too, to get new words daily.

Anyone who want to add his word , Wordona- Slang Dictionary can easily Submit here. which will be added to dictionary after and safety and regulation test by our content team.

For any kind of query you can contact us on here .