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Utube – What does Utube mean?

Utube stands for ‘YouTube’ which is a Google owned Video sharing platform. It is a short form and slang for YouTube website where people usually miss spell. They type ‘U’ instead of ‘You’ while searching on the web search engine and then end up on wrong search result. Starting of an ERA As the Internet began to covering up the …

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E621 – What does E621 mean?

E621 is a food flavor enhancer which is also known as MSG (Monosodium glutamate) in chemical term. The E code in E621 shows the European standard substance alphabetic order code. The numbers after E refers to specific substance. Origin E621’s root belongs to Germany where a chemist named K. H. Ritthausen(1) tried to get some new flavors in daily food. …

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Why people get confused in Wheat and Gahoo?

Gahoo refers to a Hindi language word which also means wheat in English. Gahoo basically is kind of grass crop which is mostly used as a staple food in all over the world. Major population of mankind used different flour of gahoo; which makes this crop, the largest harvesting crop globally. Gahoo is known for its rich properties including several …

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