Phineas and Ferb’s “The Secret of Success” Freepo mystery Explained

Freepo - Wordona - Slang Dictionary

Freepo refers to “Frequent Rampages Encourages Enormous Perpendicular Octagons”. Freepo word was first come in light in a Phineas and Ferb’s episode. This was the 106th episode of Phineas and Ferb named “The secret of success” which was first premiered on Disney xd channel on October 8, 2010.

Freepo - Wordona - Slang Dictionary

About the episode:

The episode “The secret of success” is all about a seminar and an All-terrain vehicle. The story begins with Candace shot where she is just laying on her bed and Stacy call her to help her. Stacy said she has to go in a boring seminar and thus she request Candace to come too.

Freepo - Wordona - Slang Dictionary

In mean time phineas and ferb are watching TV. Together where they watch a commercial of off road vehicle named All terrain. Seeing this they decided to build the better version of that vehicle themselves.

Freepo - Wordona - Slang Dictionary

Here is third division is also comes in frames where Perry and Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s story line came the action happened.

Later story again comes on phineas and ferb where they are just driving their own version vehicle in everywhere in the city. In all this Candace and stacy came to the seminar in which Candace inspired by seminar conductor Shaw’s teaching acronyms in order to “the secret of Success”.

Later when phineas and ferb came to Candace seminar place then Candace also joined them leaving the half attendant seminar. In this she also told stacy to tell her all the tips what Mr. Shaw will teach in next half session in seminar.

Freepo - Wordona - Slang Dictionary

After this Candace got into the phineas and ferb’s vehicle drove that in the city and came to home later. Now her mom scolded her on driving a vehicle without the help of an adult but she managed to make her understand that; the vehicle was a full size remote car.

Now in the end of the episode Candace called stacy to know the last step of success which she missed in seminar. At this stacy said freepo and hangs up.

In the very end Candace just trying to figure out the Freepo real meaning guessing items like “Frequent Rampages Encourages Enormous Perpendicular Octagons” and “Free raccoons enter existential plastic origami”; and in all this phineas and ferb push the fly button of the self-made vehicle and flies up and here the episode ends at Candace face saying… Aw… Freepo.

Freepo - Wordona - Slang Dictionary


 Sandy– Hey sam, what happened to your startup idea; you were telling me last last.

Sam  – ”yeah I am working on it but nowadays I am working on knowledge base to be more secure.”

Sandy– “Don’t be fool, you don’t need any kind of knowledge. I have some technique, just follow that.”

Sam   – “yes, I want to know it, say”.

Sandy– “Freepo…”.

Sam   – “What…?”

Sandy– “Freepo just freepo just freepo just frrepo just freepo…”

Sam   – ಠ_ಠ

Freepo in text:

Like any other acronym, Freepo word is also use in the daily life conversation. We just have to put the same humor as Freepo word has. Here are some examples where we Freepo word is showed as a last step to get the success as we also saw in the “The secret of success” episode of phineas and ferb.



Other Full-forms of Freepo:


1.Free Raccoons Enter Existential Plastic Origami
3.FossilReceived Of ExtinctEquus In EarlierOutputs


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Freepo refers to “Frequent Rampages Encourages Enormous Perpendicular Octagons”. Freepo word was first come in light in a Phineas and Ferb’s episode.
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