What happened to old meta search engine Polycola/Gahooyoogle/Gahoogle?

What does Gahoogle mean - Definition of Gahoogle - Wordona Sland Dictionary

Gahoogle refers to a Meta search engine Gahooyoogle which is originally known as Polycola. Gahoogle was founded by Arbel Hakopian in 2005. This Meta search engines used to compare Google and Yahoo search engines result side by side at one screen which helped user to get their content easy.

What does Gahoogle mean - Definition of Gahoogle - Wordona Sland Dictionary


In Early 2000, the idea of internet was not equally speared to everyone. The people who had internet in this time seeing new website every month. New companies and Brands wee trying to connect people through the internet and this target audience concept also giving people new idea to explore the internet.

What does Gahoogle mean - Definition of Gahoogle - Wordona Sland Dictionary

In the Same time, Arbel Hakopian made a Meta search engine website show users a side by side overlook they are searching for. The website got online by www.Gahooyoogle.com which got popular in public by Gahoogle. This concept got too much attention in a very short period. People who used to switch their search engine were quite satisfied after using Gahoogle. This website was also be highlighted in media as well, BBC Radio and Fox news talked about this.

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The Gahoogle platform served almost 2 years to internet user; and later it had to face a legal issue. In 2007 the legal issued raised by Yahoo! And then the website transferred to Yahoo! And then the Gahoogle was shut down. After this shut down Gahoogle founder Arbel Hakopian launched again a Meta Search engine named www.Polycola.com, but after some time this website also got down with some reasons. Now there are lots of Meta search engine and anyone can use it; but gahoogle was one of them which got so much popular. Today Polycola also in reach by some browser extensions but the web address is down for a long time.


What is a Meta search Engine?

Meta search engines works as an aggregator search engine on the internet. These engines collect all the result from different search engines for the same query and show the collected and define results to users. Meta search Engines are mainly used for research and analysis for a specific topics to overlook all different results available on the internet; Beside this people also use these website for their personal uses depending on their interest of work.

Meta Search Engine Explained - Gahoogle - Wordona Slang Dictionary


Meta search engine concept came from Colorado State University in early 1990’s where Daniel Dreilinger started its origin project called Search savvy. It is a irony that Meta search engine were found before the engine giant Google and Bing. Yet, Search savvy was working with different 20 search engines and directories to aggregate all the data in single line.

Advantages of Gahoogle:

  1. Gahoogle was free of cost to everyone so that every individual can get their result freely whenever they want.
  2. Gahoogle Meta search engine had no language barrier so it was also a plus point to users to understand content in wildly spread English language.
  3. This Meta search engine came in early 1990’s with great adaptability of search algorithm to update new results in serving order to users.
  4. Gahoogle had a wide data structure method including lots of web directories and search engine which provides accuracy in every search query.
  5. Last but not least, the major advantage of Gahoogle was its user experience; which was great due to its easy to use interface.

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Other Meta search engines like Gahoogle:

  1. DOGPILE – Dogpile is one the leading Meta search engine on the internet. This search engine came in 1996 by Aaron Flin. Dogpile mainly aggregate data with Google, Bing, Yahoo and Live. After operating for few years individually this site was took over by Go2net which also owned MetaCrawler. Dogpile is one of the trusted name among all the Meta search engines and it also showed the trust and loyalty by winning best Local and Residential search engine in 2006 and 2007 too. Currently this website is under System1 which was earlier named Openmail.

Dogpile - Gahoogle - Wordona Slang Dictionary

  1. STARTPAGE – Startpage is known for its privacy and protection of the users. This Meta search engine is also known with Ixquick which was later merged with startpage. It was founded by David Bodnik in 1998 and owned by Startpage B. V.; On internet Startpage is highly recommended to lesser public or kind of secret jobs because of its privacy protection. This website also provides proxy protected mail service called Smartmail. In 2008 Smartpage also won the first European Privacy seal for its privacy policies.

Smartpage - Gahoogle - Wordona Slang Dictionary

  1. META CRAWLER – Meta crawler is one of the oldest meta search engine among all the other meta search engines. This website uses Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, about, miva, look smart and other search engines to collect and later serve the data defined data to user. Meta crawler was found in 1994 in University of Washington. Since then this website is active and serving the users queries.

Meta Crawler - Gahoogle - Wordona Slang Dictionary

  1. SPUTTR – Sputtr is the one of the smarter and famous Meta search engine on the internet. It allows users to choose them the crawl website so that users can get the specific result from the targeted website. It serve the faster result as comparing to the other websites that makes this website more user friendly and familiar. This website uses big web search engines but also the websites which adds the different values to the asked query.

Sputtr - Gahoogle - Wordona Slang Dictionary

  1. METAGER – Metager is a Germany based Meta search engine which provides High class privacy based user service. This meta search engine works with around 50 and more search engine on the internet which make this Meta search engine more easy to find any query. This website was launched in 1996 and since then this is active.

Metager - Gahoogle - Wordona Slang Dictionary

What does Gahoogle Mean? Wordona Slang Dictionary
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What does Gahoogle Mean? Wordona Slang Dictionary
Gahoogle refers to a Meta search engine Gahooyoogle which is originally known as Polycola. Gahoogle was founded by Arbel Hakopian in 2005.
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