Pepega – Meaning, Definition, Megaphone, Clap, Song and GIF

What does Pepega mean

What does ‘Pepega’ mean?

Pepega refers to a emote featuring Pepe the frog with a liquid face. The expression in pepega emote leads a comic and stupid face which make this emote more natural humor element in twitch streams.

What does Pepega mean -


Pepega origin story begins in early 2018 when a twitch user named Adew used pepega for the first time as an emote. This was not the first emote where an emote came from Pepe the frog character, in all this; like all other pepe emotes this emotes had all the capability to be adapted by the wide streames across the twitch stream platform. After 5 days adding this emote to FrankerFacez, this emotes also was added to Forsen’s chat.

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Its first impression was good on all the twitch users who were already very upset with the previous emotes addition. Now as a new emote, it affected their calm and after this some of them also started spamming surrounded terms in different ways.

People found several ways to spam this term. In October 2018, another version of it was added which used to horn twitch user Forsen, against the typing action “FOR SAN” on chat.

Like Pepega other pepe emotes were also added to all the emotes-lines but this thing went worst to good.  Now this pepe emote is well known for its liquid face and it own kind of humor. Now it is commonly used by the entire twitch user and it is humoristic and it is also spreading in non-twitch platform memes areas.


Recently this emotes got famous by getting on several memes. As other emotes like Poggers, Pepehands, sadman had been already been accepted by a large number of twitch users and meme audience, it also got these starlight being a Pepe emote.

Beyond Twitch it has earned respect and a lot of humor on other social platforms. Reddit the so called twitch users second home and tumblr are the place where it had been seen in memes after Twitch gaming platform.

Pepega Megaphone

Pepega megaphone is known as a alternative pepega edition which was created by some twitch users in late Oct. 2018. This alternative pepega emote made for screaming “forsen” loudly. The megaphgone term came from its appearance where Pepega is seen with a red megaphone, screams while typing “FOR SAN”.

Pepega megaphone - 

Pepega Penguin

Pepega penguin is quite different Pepega emote itself. This term is related to stream’s VRchat Penguin Sicko mode where players can get a penguin avatar.

Pepega penguin -

In this, pepega penguin is a captured facial emotion of this avatar penguin which got famous in streams-memes and later was added with Pepega.

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Pepega Song

Some players and Pepega lover made a pepega song which is quite popular. This song is all about emotes and stream related jokes which is composed by simple drum and lean piano tune.

Pepega Clap Gif

Pepega clap is a extended version of Pepega original emote. In this we see a entension version of existing Pepega emote with EZ Clap hands. EZ Clap is another twitch emote which also feature Pepe the frog with black glasses.

Pepega clap gif -

Pepega Gif

Pepega gif is nothing but a moving picture of original pepega emote where this emote moves left to right in static way without changing any facial expression.

Pepega Hands

Pepega hands is another extended version of Pepepa original emote where Pepega image is added with some other pepe emotes’s and other character’s hands. This version is versatile where many of emotes are included featuring their hands. People use and edit this version of Pepega according to their interest of humor.

Pepega PNG

Pepega PNG defines itself by its name, which refers to a Portable Network Graphic image which can be used in many ways. Pepega PNG images are mostly used by memers where PNG transparent images to help them to make memes.

Pepega PNG -

Pepehands Meaning

Pepehands means a twitch emote where a Pepe the frog comic character is used showing sad emotion. In this emote Pepe is moving his both hands towards his eyes which navigate to his out coming tears from his eyes.

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Forsen is a well known twitch streamer who is also known by Sebastian Hans Eli Fors. Forsen comes from Sweden and he is active since 2011 till now. He mostly plays Starcraft 2, Heartstone, PUBG and has a great viewership with 101 million till June 3, 2019.

What is Twitch?

Twich is online live video game streaming service which is active since 2011. It was first launched with the name of in 2007 which was named as in 2011. Now this company is a subsidiary of Amazon.

 What is Emotes?

Emotes are emoticons which streamers use into their live stream chats. These emotes can be added by own interest and when people find them useful they also use them in their own chats and thus emotes also  be used in memes.

Pepega - Meaning, Definition, History, Megaphone, Clap, Song and GIF
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Pepega - Meaning, Definition, History, Megaphone, Clap, Song and GIF
Pepega refers to a emote featuring Pepe the frog with a liquid face. The expression in pepega emote leads a comic and stupid face.
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