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Utube stands for ‘YouTube’ which is a Google owned Video sharing platform. It is a short form and slang for YouTube website where people usually miss spell.

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They type ‘U’ instead of ‘You’ while searching on the web search engine and then end up on wrong search result.

Starting of an ERA

As the Internet began to covering up the world in one net, several new things also started developing and growing rapidly at the same time as compare to the previous century stats. This was the first time when People had absolute freedom to share their inventions, ideas and theories to the whole world in single click.

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If we look in the starting age of internet then we find that this new thing carried a new hope to everyone but the common people were still miles away from internet reach.

After a time when people got them into this and the .COM Boom came in existence, then everyone got an ultimate access to showcase their ideas and share with anyone with a web address.

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Now the techies of that time started to try new things and let people decide what those things deserve. In result many of new things got immediate popularity, some grew with time and more of all failed and never came back.

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The internet is the new market here and so far, Website started monetization in the advertisement segment and were also reporting profit and loss. In this tuff market there were three website segments which were new in early 2000.

  • Search Engines
  • Social content sharing websites
  • E-commerce
  • News Websites

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There are other many specific categories of websites which are also quite famous but these written above four are considered as Most influenced website segment in the market.


Utube aka Utube was made by three former PayPal employees named Chad Hurley and Steve chen and Jawed karim back in 2005.  The website was activated in February 2005 and later was offered to public allowing free entries of any video worldwide.

The Idea of Utube was not new at that time but no one got into it seriously until one of one man saw it different. Utube co-founder Jawed said the idea came in mind when he failed in searching of a video on internet.

This thing made him upset and realized of lack of a video sharing website which will be connected worldwide. Idea was told and all three co-founders come together to make a new video sharing platform, Utube aka YOUTUBE.

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After launched in February 2005, utube got its recognisation as a tech company which also got some good funding from some venture capital funds.

Later in 2006 when this website hit the internet with exponential interest of users then web giant Google Inc got eyes on it and they managed to buy utube in $1.65 Billion.

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Now Google took all the charges of the website and now they also put all the videos in the google search result. This parent search engine algorithm helped directly to the users to find out exactly what they want.

Utube for now is business, earlier in days at beginning of Utube people used to share information what they good into but now people publish what people want to see. This is all because of the monetization of our utube videos, the method which make money for anyone.

Studying the stats and algorithms, it is found that most of the people publish their videos according to the internet trends not on the thing what they like.

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Utube has divided their content in several categories which is asked to put the video in while uploading the video. These categories have their own criteria included age restriction. Some of them are quite popular and utube put them on the top of the trending page.

  • Music
  • Gaming
  • News
  • Movies
  • Fashion

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Besides these popular ones, there are some other categories we need to know.

Utube Songs

This media category is dedicated to music related content. Utube has a separate algorithm to work with each category and the same thing works here. In result we see the most popular and most and viewed related content on our phone screen.

Website crawlers understand every user’s interactions with the platform and with this data they manage and customize every single user’s data feed except the trending page including utube music. In this data

Geo location matters in if we talk about the content that is accessible worldwide. Utube faced many kinds of problem because of their content uploaded by other users and; that was the time when many countries put their tuff regulations over utube. Since then utube have been learnt many thing and now they make sure about every perspective of user.

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Utube News

Utube news page showcase the trending news videos and podcasts which repeatedly refreshes itself by the time. In this segment many of news channel’s utube live stream comes up and their related stories are also the worthy news hints to the utube users. This page works on many algorithms in which the news language and region perform very important part in this.

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U tube Home

Utube home refers to the home page of the this website. People use this phrase to type when they search yt website on search engine instead typing the URL directly.

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Utube - What does Utube mean?
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Utube - What does Utube mean?
Utube stands for ‘YouTube’ which is a Google owned Video sharing platform. It is a short form and slang for YouTube website where people usually miss spell.
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